I have tried so hard to be strong for my Mother and my brother and sister but I am not doing well at all. He was in ICU for 2 1/2 weeks slowly dying. I had to sit in the hospital for 8 hours on that last day, slowly watching him pass. Several times his blood pressure dropped to zero and we thought he had passed and suddenly it would start again.

  • I lost my mom 14 yrs ago I remember it like it just happened.
  • In fact, I think he put on quite a bit of weight.
  • You had a dog named Poppy who we now have and cherish.
  • It all happened so fast, we couldn’t say goodbye and hospital visits were not allowed.
  • And when you can’t, that you give yourself permission to mourn losing him.

And so, around that six month mark, a few things happened. First, I resumed the practice of going to the gym, a hobby I’d foregone throughout the course of Dan’s illness. Working out helped me feel strong again, physically and emotionally. And working out alongside an occasional fit, attractive stranger — well, there’s not much explanation needed there.

Thank you for sharing your story. I have lost my sister, 2 brothers, my dad in 2013 and now my mother October 7 of last year. The first couple months I was in a fog.

Lindsay felt she needed to get pregnant to fill the void in her life.

I just turned 30 today and lost my Dad 2 weeks ago. I will save this article and re-read it when I need it. I lost my dad at the age of 22, I am now 25 and about to graduate with a masters degree in engineering.

  • I was 26 years old when I became a widow.
  • I always thought I’m doing fine but talking to my friends made me realize that I’m not fine and I need to talk about by feelings.
  • Making as many memories as we can.
  • Only now is it really sinking in that he has passed and it breaks me apart.

I think I am doing pretty well when all of a sudden, I am propelled back to the day of their death and I am as much of a mess as in the first weeks after. Recovery is not a steady or straight road, it’s rocky and winding and you fall off quite often, but I tell you everyday that passes brings me closer to the eternity that they now know. I rest in God’s promise of Jesus salvation for our souls if we just believe. God Bless all whose hearts are broken from losing a parent.

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Nevertheless, even with the best of intentions, it is very hard to know what to say or do to provide comfort and support for bereaved parents. Here I give some basic guidelines that family and friends can keep in mind, illustrated by my own experience. He had been diagnosed with the horrific, inoperable tumor just two months earlier. And now, here we were, trying to wrap our heads around the fact that he likely wouldn’t live to celebrate our child’s first birthday. All this at a time when most parents-to-be were worrying over whether to paint the nursery Chambray Blue or Cape Cod Gray. I’m 15 and i just lost my dad almost 3 weeks ago..

Which brings me to the relativity of this thread. I knew my Dad was ill, but his death was very sudden and took us by suprise mainly because it was such a rare case of what he had. We’re still waiting on a post mortem report to determine what exactly happened. I sometimes struggle with my emotions, in the sense that i don’t feel anything?! During the time he was poorly and we were by his side until the end, i cried alot, i mean ALOT. I never wanted to see him pass away as knew it would have been a very traumatic experience but in the end, i saw him take his last breath.

losing my son

My girlfriend and i had to get an apartment in two months at 18, and i soon lost my job 4 months after. Now im staying with my fathers sister trying to get back on my feet. My mind is in a dark place and honestly dont know what to do. How she said she couldn’t talk to her father for advice, same issues im having now. Reading this and seeing that im not the only one experiencing these problems definitely helped. I’m sorry for the loss of your father.

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However, it is a journey that I hope I – and we as a family – will continue to go on. I can honestly say I’m not angry at any individual. There eco sober house complaints is nobody to blame for Tom’s death, for which I am grateful. My rage is at the unfairness and it means I do not always cope as I should.

Michelle found it hard when she was with her older children on holiday knowing “there should be another one there”. I think of how different things could be if you were here. All the laughs we could share, all the disagreements I’m sure we would have accumulated by now, The pain and grief never goes away completely.

losing my son

I want him back more than anything. I don’t know what I feel most of the time. We were so similar that I feel like nothing explains my existence anymore. I should be sleeping, but the tears won’t stop. The pain is really, really heavy.

I will continue my life in honor of her. I am 14 and I just lost my dad, he was my everything. Like I never left his side, he put up the best fight to stage 4 pancreas cancer and his fight is over. I am still in so much shock, the day it happened I thought it was a nightmare but then I woke up and I knew it was real. It is so hard when I do something good I want to go tell him but hes not there. I have been rebeling and my mom doesn’t know what to do anymore.

This has been very hard, and I think planning the funeral will be even more stressful. After reading this, I will need to find a nice funeral home that we can do a service at. Its tough especially when the second parent https://soberhome.net/ was expected to be around for many years and I can feel the pain. I do not have a clear purpose of living. Please enjoy the time you have left with him. I feel your pain having lost my Mom end of May this year.

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Others still never have a conversation such as ours due to the discomfort it could induce. I bowed my head, glancing down at the diamond ring on my left hand, its princess-cut stone glinting prettily in the multicolored glow cast by the tree lights. Spiritually, I understand that the soul lives forever. But somehow, right now, this understanding doesn’t seem to help…. Memories came rushing back to 46 years ago I still remember I hugged her back before going to the very first day of kindergarten.

  • He was president of a division in a fortune 500 company and their executive vice president.
  • His chances of survival was very low.
  • I was not sure how to deal with it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately mostly of the what’s ifs and the memories. I’ve really tried not to question God’s will but still find myself asking Him “Why my father? ” I am back at work this week but will constantly worry about my mother who is beyond any reason right now. I understand her grief and her losing her half, it’s just making everything more difficult for everyone.

It is a shame he is not here to witness my graduation because I know he would be bragging about my achievement to all of his friends lol. I lost my father recently and I feel so lost without him, he was my rock, he always helped me and anyone who asked out, he never thought about himself, such a selfless man. The “I’m sorry for your loss” becomes meaningless.

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I am not being selfish by not going it is just too painful and devastating emotionally. I am what I am , no more no less. I know some people say give it time.

But the last thing they would ever want is for you to lose yourself. I stayed strong and got my life in order. Now 3 years later my life is so different, I still miss my mom with all of my heart. It’s part of the process, I’ve learned to love it and accept the tears. I feel my sadness because it reminds me of the love I’ve felt.

Next day, I told friends and family of Gordon’s death, frequently bursting into uncontrollable tears. Being strong wasn’t going to work. My wife and oldest friend were marvellous and we decided to talk about Gordon as if he was still ‘here’. Powerful positivity in the face of disaster. I saw this today posted from The Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide in America. Having just heard from someone with a recent loss, I think this mostly describes how I feel.

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